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Empowering single mothers to embrace the joys of parenthood without feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilites of balancing work, parenting and a social life.

My Story

Are you a single mother who needs help and guidance to balance work, parenting, and a social life? Single-parenting can be a challenging experience leaving you scared, confused and stressed. It can affect the way you think, feel, and react to everyone in your life. Know that you are not alone. I have been there too and have acquired the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you master the skills to embrace the joys of parenthood without feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities.   

Shame dies when secrets are told in a safe place”

There was a point in my life when I felt that I had to internalize all my fears, my pain, my hurt and my struggles.  I was too embarrassed to let anyone know what I was going through for fear that I might be looked at as weak or as a failure.  I did not realize that not talking about my struggles made me angry, bitter, critical, resentful, anxious, and depressed.   I felt no one understood my struggles. I was unable to control my emotions and I lashed out at people who did not deserve it.

I started my career in Social Work/Counseling and grasped the concepts of “if you don’t heal from what cut you, you will bleed on people who didn’t cut you” and “hurt people, hurt people”.  I slowly started opening up to others about the challenges I had raising two teenagers with issues such as peer pressure, identity, role confusion, egocentrism, defiance, and ambivalence. 

If this sounds like you, then be enlightened to know that I was able to overcome the challenges associated with divorce, single parenting, job loss, financial loss, and deaths of loved ones.  Today, I can truly say I have great joy, peace, and happiness watching my children become successful, responsible, mature, happy, and well-balanced adults......... and you can too!!


With over 10 years of experience helping others with similar struggles, I will be able to help you too.   I can relate and I am here for you.  I have learned that "nothing changes, if nothing changes"

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Our Coaching Sessions

Congratulations for taking the bold step.

Our goal is to help you resolve and overcome your struggles, as we did with ours.

We understand that talking with someone you have never met before can be scary, and that's okay.  But don't let that prevent you from getting the help you need.  We provide a relaxed,  non-critical, judgment-free zone that makes it easy to engage with your coach.

How we Can Help You

  •  Improve communication and connection with loved ones

  •  Find support from other group members

  •  Increase self-awareness, self-improvement

  •  Enhance self-acceptance and mastery

  •  Improve work-life balance

  •  Decrease loneliness and isolation

  •  Learn how to deal with losses more effectively

  •  Resolve feelings of shame and guilt

  •  Experiment with changing behaviors that get in the way

  •  Gain from multiple perspectives

  •  Discover that you don’t have to do it alone, others have similar struggles

Virtual/Video Coaching Sessions

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**Confidential, Convenient, Safe and at no extra cost to you.

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"There was a time in my life when my anxiety got the better of me.  I constantly worried about everything.  After using the techniques I learned to control my symptoms of anxiety, I can say I am more relaxed and worry less about the things I have no control over"

HC - Business Consultant

“I am extremely grateful for the help I received for a family member who was headed down the wrong path. After completion of her coaching sessions, I am happy to say she has been making better decisions and career choices"

OL - Parent