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What my clients say

Maintaining a cool head all the time can be challenging, even impossible. Working long hours can take a toll on relationships and not having an outlet to vent can be counter-productive and otherwise destructive. Utilizing the emotional regulation techniques learned has helped me gain better control of my emotions. 

CAW - Executive Director

Juggling many hats can be mentally and emotionally draining. Just having someone to talk with and regain perspectives can be exhilarating and rejuvenating. I highly recommend this for everyone.”

SW- Business/ Entrepreneur/ Financial Wealth Advisor/Director/Wife& Mother

I don’t think most people grasp the difficulty it takes to stay focused on your studies especially when you feel overwhelmed and feel like throwing in the towel. That’s the time you need a neutral person the most to unleash the bottled-up emotions. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is feeling burdened by the stressors faced in their lives. CW - Med student 

CW - Med Student

Grieving the loss of my son has been the most difficult thing I have done. However, with consistent help and effective support, I was able to regain a sense of self and mental stability. OC - Department Supervisor.

OC - Department Supervisor

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